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How do I pay for my massage?
Silver Linings is currently accepting cash, e-transfer, and direct insurance.    


Are your therapists insured?


Yes, a therapists must have insurance to practise.  This is to protect the therapist and the client.


Are your therapists qualified?
Yes, I  have graduated from the full 2200 HR massage program in order to qualify for insurance.  I only practise therapies I am trained and certified in.
Do you have a clinic?
Currently, Silver Linings is mobile only (goes to the client's home).
What is supplied by the therapist?


The therapist will bring their table, linens, and oil to every session, unless the client chooses to supply their own.  I am qualified in other modalities (cupping, taping, etc), and will supply what is required for them, if requested.


There isn't an option of couples massage, is it offered?


At this time, couples massage is not offered, the option of 'back to back' massage is offered.  There is no booking option for this, but hit the contact us and request the couples massage for back to back.

How long can I book a massage for?

Massage sessions are also offered as 30 min, 60 min, 90 min, and 120 min.  If you are looking for any of these times, please use the contact us to set it up.
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