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Ashley - Very professional and knowledgeable in massage. I loved the fact that she was mobile as Im a mother of two so this                           made it very convenient for me. Feel so much better and loved the fact i didnt have to leave my home and can go                               crawl in bed after a great massage!!!

Marie - My husband and I both got massages from Janet and we were 100% satisfied every time!! However we moved to                            Edmonton and we miss her!!

Kari - I’ve had frozen shoulder for over two years and have gone to physiology and chiropractor along with MRI and nothing has                  helped as much as Janet with Silver Linings Massage

Crissy - this was an amazing experience:) I won a 1/2 an hour massage! She was on time and was so caring of what needed to                      be worked on! She went above and beyond for me! thanks for the amazing customer service and showing up at my                            house

Tamara - Janet came to my house and gave me a great massage. Very informative, professional and extremely pleasant. I                                 would recommend her!

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